Weight Loss Program

The perfect match between emsculpt neo and nutriketogenic

This program is a revolutionary Weight Loss Method based on Ketogenic Diet (low fats and low carbs) principles and the technology of Emsculpt Neo. Combining Privee professional support with the nutritional plan and the 4 sessions of Emsculpt Neo, you can lose up to 40 pounds in just one month!

To achieve this, our specialists have designed a full Meals Program to provide your body with balanced nutrition. All meals will be included, so you can take it in the simplest way! 

Weight Loss Program Benefits

Rapid weight loss

Proven results

High Sucess Rate

Health monitoring

FDA Approved

Easy and guided

No downtime

Build muscle

Weight Loss Program 3 Steps

  • Step 1: Evaluation

    • Health assessment (Medical history, Screening & baseline laboratory tests, EKG for high risk individuals).
    • Setting expectations.
    • Weight check.
    • Setting a weight loss goal.
    • Reviewing the dashboard.
    • Reinforcing delivery of educational topics.
  • Step 2: Regular Weekly Visits

    • Assign Nutritional Plan and book following Emsculpt Neo Sections.
    •  Weight check.
    • Health assessment Results verification and Medication adjustments.
    • Reviewing the dashboard.
    • First Emsculpt Neo Section.
    • Progress notes.
  • Step 3: Results

    Our team of professionals will be monitoring the patients throughout the weight loss process, in this final stage, we compare the results with the initial phase, the general health status is verified and our specialists will provide recommendations to continue with this new lifestyle.



After your initial consultation and the goals set, we’ll provide you 5 meals per day, as support for your diet, followed by 1 Emsculpt Neo section every week. Your body will start losing fat and generate muscle faster than ever.

There is no preparation needed for the EMSCULPT Neo® treatment. Simply wear comfortable clothes, remove jewelry & be sure to use the restroom before your treatment begins. You will lay down while the applicators are applied over the treatment area for 30-minutes.

Most of our clients compare EMSCULPT Neo® treatment to an intense workout, & there should be no pain. Some clients experience minor swelling, soreness, or redness that subsides within a few days.

Patients of has a BMI of 30 to 40 or 27 and greater with obesity related comorbidities such as type II diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension, they may be a good candidate for the Program. In general if your patient needs to lose at least 30-40 lbs, they may be well suited for this program.

General disclaimer

Not all patients are the same nor should they necessarily suffer from the side effects of the Wellness Program.