Genetic Screening
& Counseling

Genetic Screening is an individualized preventive medicine approach to systematically search for a particular genotype, DNA sequence or genetic code. Genetic Screening results determine if a client may have a higher risk factor for a genetic disease or disorder.

Genetic Counseling is a process of providing information & support about genetics & inherited conditions. Our medical team will provide clear & clinically relevant information about genetic risk factors in a way that both supports & educates our clients. Our medical team will administer your results & craft in partnership with you a personalized plan to help you prevent or remedy the condition(s) you were tested for utilizing an array of treatments.


  • Proactively Make Informed Decisions Pertaining to Your Health
  • Diagnoses Disease(s)
  • Identifies Gene Changes
  • Assists in Determining Severity of a Disease
  • Eases Uncertainty
  • Minimally Invasive
  • No Downtime / Resume Normal Activity Immediately