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Emsella is a non-invasive treatment procedure for urinary incontinence that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, “HIFEM Technology”, to stimulate, strengthen, and restore neuromuscular control to deep pelvic floor muscles in a 30 minutes session, that is the equivalent of doing 12,000 kegal exercises.

Having strong pelvic floor muscles gives you control over your bladder and bowel. Weakened pelvic floor muscles mean your internal organs are not fully supported and you may have difficulty controlling the release of urine.

This unique technology revolutionizes the women’s intimate health and wellness category by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option.

Emsella® is Safe & Approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Emsculpt NEO Benefits

Reduces Fat

Builds Muscle Volume

Non Invasive

Safe & Approved by the FDA

Resume your Activity Immediately

How it works?

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BTL EMSELLA represents a new category of technology that provides a non-invasive treatment for
pelvic floor muscles in incontinence and intimate discomfort.

Firstly, BTL EMSELLA helps patients to restore the control of their bladder, pelvic floor muscles
and eliminate incontinence or any kind of intimate discomfort. Secondly, BTL EMSELLA is a truly
non-invasive procedure where patients remain fully clothed.

BTL EMSELLA is the only procedure that targets pelvic floor muscles and causes deep pelvic
floor stimulation because of HIFEM®* technology. All other procedures such as intravaginal
electrostimulation have a risk of burns and lack the effect as the electrical current treats tissue
only superficially, not even mentioning the need to insert the disposable vaginal probe. Comparing
to Kegels, patients are not able to properly contract pelvic floor muscles, build the routine
to do Kegels at least 3x per day and do them in hundreds of repetitions to see some results.

BTL EMSELLA is a great option for women of any age who desire solution for urinary incontinence,
recovery after childbirth, and improvement in the quality of their intimate life.

BTL EMSELLA is FDA cleared, medical CE-marked, and represents the first innovative technology that has shown in multiple studies to treat incontinence and intimate discomfort. When you come in for a consultation, the doctor will cover how BTL EMSELLA works and discuss the unique safety profile in detail.

That is the best thing about BTL EMSELLA. Patients say it is completely painless, the procedure feels like an intense pelvic floor workout. You can sit on BTL EMSELLA and relax during the treatment. During your consultation, our staff will be more than happy to let you experience the unrivaled comfort of the procedure.

This may vary depending on your age, physical condition, and many other aspects. In general, patients
begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results typically continue to improve
over the next few weeks.

Nothing in life lasts forever and this will vary according to your health condition. The clinical studies
show that the majority of patients are able to maintain the results 6 months after their treatment
series. However, we recommend booking another consultation a few months after your treatments
to see if you may benefit from any additional treatments. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is the key
to maintain your results in the longer term.

Yes, we have already treated over XX patients in our clinic and we are seeing great results! Everyone
is really excited about this technology. Also, there are multiple scientific studies published that
document in detail how BTL EMSELLA helps patients.

Well, it really depends. We need to see you to determine your medical condition and recommend
how many treatments are needed to get the result you are after. Are you available to come in for
a consultation so we can provide you with an answer?