The Tragedy Of The Pursuit Of Happiness

In three decades of practice as a psychiatrist, I never thought I would be looking up the meaning of “happiness”. Nevertheless, I reached out to several dictionaries, including the Oxford English Dictionary, which ascribes happiness to a condition of possessing good luck or fortune in life or in a particular affair. Or contentment or pleasure […]

No More Tears… No More Words With Dr. Bankole Johnson

Photo Credit: Freepik For many around the world, and for me, 2020 will be marked out as a true Annus Horribilis. It was no longer a matter of what could go wrong but simply when. I do not recall a time in my own life when watching the news or simply listening to the inhumanity and […]

Dr. Johnson Introduces EmSculpt Neo® At Privée Clinics

t is my pleasure to announce the beginning of our Medical Spa client experience. Our main center will be open in the Spring, but we have right now a pop-up clinic across the road that offers EmSculpt Neo®. EmSculpt Neo®, the world’s first and only technology that uses a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and […]

Dr. Johnson Welcomes VIP Concierge Medical Services At Privée Clinics

It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of our client experience for you and your family to Privée Clinics. Our main Center will be open in the Spring, but we have received so many inquiries that we have started to accept members now, who also would be willing to be seen in our pop-up […]

Dr. Bankole Johnson’s Take: Is COVID-19 Our New Leprosy?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Imagine you have been invited to a party with about two hundred other guests. Everyone is having a wonderful time, and the party has been going on for a few hours when the host takes the stage. The host announces that unbeknownst to him, two of the guests in the room tested […]

Addiction Expert Dr. Bankole Johnson’s Mission

Professor Dr. Bankole A. Johnson, DSc., M.D., MB. CHB., MPhil, DFAPA, FRCPSYCH, FACFEI, ABDA, received training at the Universities of Glasgow, London, and Oxford, and has dedicated his professional life to discovering methods that help people recover from alcohol and substance use disorder through scientific and evidence-based means, and how to optimize brain wellness. Prof. […]

Get To Know Addiction Expert Dr. Bankole Johnson

My greatest achievement: Developing a personalized medicine approach to the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Demonstrating the efficacy of the most effective and widely used medicine in the USA for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Numerous national awards. Being part of a group that won 2 special Emmy Awards for the HBO documentary: Addiction […]