Dr. Johnson Welcomes VIP Concierge Medical Services At Privée Clinics

Privée Clinics is a one-stop solution for VIP Concierge medical services.

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By Bankole Johnson


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It is my pleasure to announce the beginning of our client experience for you and your family to Privée Clinics. Our main Center will be open in the Spring, but we have received so many inquiries that we have started to accept members now, who also would be willing to be seen in our pop-up clinic across the road.

Privée Clinics is a one-stop solution for VIP Concierge medical services. Our annual medical membership enrolls our distinguished clients into an exceptional service that offers traditional general practice with specialized care in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Laboratory medical services are offered through a white-glove practice, whereby clients will have the option to either engage with us by someone coming to their home, or place of work or attending the clinic. Of course, medical examinations are done in luxurious private rooms within the clinic. Specialists, as needed, also attend our clients in the Clinic so our clients do not have to attend a busy and uncomfortable medical center to get their health needs attended to, or spend time waiting. If, however, there is a need to visit another medical center, our concierge will accompany the client in the Company car to the medical center and ensure that there is a fixed appointment time. Together with the other specialists, all care will be coordinated through the medical experts at Privée Clinics.

Your annual family membership covers routine visits. You will, however, have supplemental payments for laboratory and special tests, any medicines, and any interventions or procedures.

Should you wish to speak with your doctor from the comfort of your residence or hotel, Privée Clinics offers a telemedicine service at an additional cost billed as an hourly physician rate. This service is particularly helpful if you are traveling or need urgent attention and cannot manage to get to the Clinic quickly or conveniently.

For added convenience, and as part of a special package, Privée Clinics will offer an on-call medical service in the city of Miami, whereby our doctor can visit you or a member of your family at your place of residence or hotel. This service provides the convenience of your medical intervention being provided in the comfort of your residence or hotel, at any time of the day or night, all the days of the week. Of course, if you have a clear medical emergency, we will ask you to call the emergency medical service for the swiftest attention. Our own specialist will, however, follow-up on your treatment and visit you if you are admitted or seen in a hospital to coordinate your care. These services are supplemental to your annual membership.

At the pop-up in the heart of Brickell, we now have the revolutionary EmSculpt Neo service, which is an FDA device that combines high-frequency electromagnetism and radiofrequency to reduce fat by 30% and build 25% of muscle in the region which is being treated. Coupled with this device, Is the EMSELLA device which uses high-frequency pulses to enhance the sexual health of women. For more information on these unique services, you can contact us by calling 305.396.6993 and/or visiting https://emsculptneo.privee-clinics.com.

Mental health is a particular strength of our services at Privée Clinics both to optimize your happiness and also to be there for you should you need psychiatric care. We also have world experts to support and assist you to curb excesses in the use of food, alcohol, substances, gambling, and other unwanted behaviors.

Whilst we are not a fully-fledged pediatric clinic, Privée Clinics will provide routine general care for children and adolescents and bring in pediatric specialists as needed. Our clinic also does not provide obstetrics and gynecological services routinely, as these are considered specialist services, but we will be able to place an appropriate referral and follow up and coordinate treatment.

An important benefit to being a medical member of Privée Clinics is that you will be enrolled automatically into being able to purchase à-la-carte services in our medical spa, which will offer unparalleled services, and to purchase produces in the apothecary. Since Privée Clinics is an exclusive experience, this open enrollment to take advantage of the spa services is quite advantageous to maintain your health and preventing disease.

If you wish to get a feeling of our unique medical spa products, you can now order directly our incredible and personally curated soaps, all based on plant products, that promote energy, tranquility, and a sense of romance. These soaps are designed to stimulate the brain to produce these unique sensations. They are really unlike anything that you would have tried before! Additionally, a limited range of our exquisite skincare products based on precious gemstones and metals are now available. Imagine using a skin cleanser or beard balm enhanced by the vibrational energy of crushed diamonds. Or nourishing your skin for moisture using our products based in colloidal gold, or for a soothing sensation, fortified with crushed rubies. These products can be found by accessing SHOP PRIVEE in the top right-hand corner of the following website: https://emsculptneo.privee-clinics.com.

At Privée Clinics, we pride ourselves in providing superb medical service for the prevention and treatment of disease, with a private medical facility wrapped around a state-of-the-art medical spa to maintain your health, wellness, and beauty. Truly, a one-of-a-kind medical service that covers you from the maintenance of health, wellness, and beauty, and prevents and treats any medical conditions as needed.

We are delighted to welcome you to Privée Clinics.

About Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson

Professor Bankole A. Johnson is a licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist in the United States. Professor Johnson graduated in Medicine from Glasgow University in 1982, and trained in Psychiatry at the Royal London, Maudsley, and Bethlem Royal Hospitals. In addition to his medical degree, he obtained a Master of Philosophy degree for his neurobiological research at the University of London and conducted studies in neuropsychopharmacology for his doctoral thesis on the Medical Research Council unit at Oxford University. In 2004, Professor Johnson earned his Doctor of Science degree in Medicine from Glasgow University, the highest degree that can be granted in science by a British university.

Johnson’s primary area of research expertise is on ion channels, neuropsychopharmacology, molecular genetics, mathematics, neuroimaging, and medications for treating addictions. His clinical expertise is in the fields of addiction, forensics, and disability assessment. He holds several U.S. and international patents in pharmacogenetics.

Previously, Johnson was the Dr. Irving J. Taylor Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Pharmacology; as well as the head of the Brain Science Consortium Unit at the University of Maryland. He has also been an Alumni Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. Additionally, Johnson served on the Council of the National Institute on Drug Addiction from 2004 to 2007 and was part of its External Advisory Board for many years. He was also on the editorial board of The American Journal of Psychiatry and has over 200 publications himself. 


By Bankole Johnson

Prof. Dr. Bankole Johnson brings his extensive knowledge in psychiatry, molecular genetics, forensics, addiction, and computational mathematics to bear.

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